Wto-M, Wearable tech Organizer, Size=Mega #wtoM

Wto-M, Wearable tech Organizer, Size=Mega #wtoM

SKU: #wtoM

The WTO enables you to wear your Tech. It provides, convenient, ready access. The WTO is the world's first activity-based technology organizer. It enables you to configure it based upon your workflow and your life flow. It conveniently Clips onto your shirt, purse, jacket, pants, belt, safety vest or lanyard.


    Wto Wearable tech Organizer Size=Mega #wtoM, Ht= 5.8in (147mm) W= 5in (127mm) Thickness varies, empty to full, approx. range 1in(25.4mm) to 2in(50.8mm), Weight 95g = 3.2oz = ..2lbs


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  • What can it do?

    It supports the use of chargers and the storage and use of required cables for charging your smartphone and the hands-free use of apps such as a flashlight, video cam (bodycam) and Audio functions. WTO integrates the use of earbuds, ear pods and the storage of items like flash drives, multitools, magnifiers, vape pens Etc.  Along with the storage and convenient access for items such as ID cards, credit cards, and keys,


        In order for you to get the most benefit from your technology, it must be available, accessible and functional.  You must have ready access and it must be with you so it must be wearable and strategically located.


         The WTO flows with you it's a provides convenient access to your key technology. It’s a wearable that manages your tech and stores your tech. It provides functional uses such as a holster, hands-free use of a flashlight, video camera, and audio capabilities. Imagine the real estate, medical, construction, QA/test and inspection worker fully prepared to execute their work.


    it's flexible, it's stylish, fashionable, and can be personalized to match your style

    it's with you 24/7 you can add accessories, and personalize it

    It’s versatile, it's easily configured for work, family life and a night on the town. In short, it flows with your life needs.