The Wto - Wearable tech organizer supports your workflow and life flow

In order for you to get the most benefit from your technology, it must be available, accessible and functional. You must have ready access and it must be with you so it must be wearable and strategically located. The WTO flows with you, it's a provides convenient access to your key technology. It’s a wearable that manages your tech and stores your tech. It provides functional uses such as a phone holster, hands-free use of your flashlight app, video camera, and capability to

In the field of construction its Safety first

The "Wto" conveniently clips on your safety vest, or jacket, pocket keeping your smart tech positioned where you need it. Imagine having ready to function tech, #chargeonthego, need a third hand #thirdhand to hold a flashlight you have it. Are you up on a scaffold and you see a problem, take a video #bodycam, Need to speak to Engineering to show them whats happening live you have it #livevideoconf. The "Wto" supports the integration of your wired ear buds/ear pods #hearclear

From Workflow to Life flow, Its about making smooth transitions or not

You use the same tech in your work as well as in your life. and sometimes you have to do it all at the same time...Worker, mother and most importantly a person. This is you. This is life. #organizeyourtech #wearmanagestore #wearable #chargeonthego #integratedaudio